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Amberbebe Baltic Amber Children's Necklace - Multi

Amberbebe Baltic Amber Children's Necklace - Multi
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This Baltic amber necklace is ideal for boys and girls, helping to soothe inflamed cheeks and gums due to teething.
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The beads on this necklace is made of amber, which is fossilised plant resin from the Baltic sea. The resin is polished and made into a necklace. The beads are not stone and quite small in size, making them lightweight.

Baltic amber has been used for centuries for teething and is renown for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Baltic amber can assist in soothing red inflamed cheeks and gums, and may help reduce pain, drooling and irritability which is often associated with teething.

Amber can also help with concentration and the body’s reflexes. It offers an energy boost and has positive effects for the nervous system and the heart. Because these little wonders come from nature, they are also good for the environment, and are a great alternative to synthetic pain relief medications, reducing exposure to the ingredients contained in teething gels.

This children's Baltic Amber Necklace is ideal for both boys and girls to wear. The colour of the amber may vary slightly to photo, usually they are a mixture of honey, walnut, butterscotch or cognac colour.    
Each necklace is hand-crafted by Baltic amber specialists with generations of experience working with this unique and rare material. Every Baltic amber necklace features carefully polished and softly rounded Baltic amber beads, which unlike cheaper amber 'chips', lay comfortably against baby's skin. This allows maximum skin contact and gives added comfort to your child.
To safeguard your children's safety, the necklaces feature synthetic plastic clasps with a screw thread which has been glued into the barrel of the clasp. These are designed to release if any pressure is applied to the joint. This is opposed to sterling silver clasps (which are not used) as they do not release and can be hazardous on children.
Amberbebe is a registered member of The Amber Association in Poland, and guarantees they only sell genuine and authentic Baltic amber, with a 100% money back return policy.
Please beware of other sellers stating they sell "Baltic amber" yet the amber may be mined in China, Africa, Australia, India or Tibet, this is Copal and is not the same as Baltic Amber.
Product details
Category Australian made (using Baltic Amber)
Size 33cm long
Composition Baltic Amber beads, cotton thread, synthetic plastic clasp with screw thread
How to use The necklace is not designed to be chewed in order to achieve teething relief - the effects are actually said to come from the beads touching skin, when body heat causes the amber to release succinic acid. The acid isn’t exclusive to amber – its found in many plants and animals. The beads should NOT be chewed at all and the necklace should be short enough so that it can't be placed into the mouth. Suggested to remove the necklace from the child during sleep.

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