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Eco Kid Organic Head Lice Bomb

Eco Kid Organic Head Lice Bomb
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Eco Kid's organic head lice bomb is a 100% naturally derived botanical complex of pure plant oils and essences that aids in the removal of head lice and their eggs.
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This organic lice bomb uses natural terpenes and hydrocarbons from high grade essential oils that can normally be ingested safely by humans but have higher solvent powers than chemical paint thinners. These natural solvent oils smell nice to us but not nice for lice.

Due to its plant derived origins, Lice Bomb is non-toxic and non-aggressive to humans when used in accordance with its instructions (please read instructions below before using). Recommended for children aged 3 and over.
Product Details
Category Certified organic
Proudly Australian
Size 60ml

*Pure Plant Essences/Wild Harvested/Organically Certified
†Occurs Naturally in Essential Oils
How to use Apply a small amount of the Lice Bomb to the scalp beginning at the nape and behind the ears. Massage the oils through the roots of the hair in an upwards motion moving towards the crown, then towards the forehead. Apply small droplets of oil as required to enable thorough coverage. Pay careful attention not to get the essential oils into the eyes as this will cause stinging (flush thoroughly with cool water if eye contact does occur).

Once a thin film has been achieved on the entire scalp begin to comb the hair from roots to ends with a fine tooth comb. This will ensure that any head lice trying to escape the solution by travelling up the hair shaft will be removed from the hair and ultimately killed.

Wipe lice and eggs from the fine toothed comb on a tissue as you proceed though the hair. Leave Lice Bomb on the hair for up to twenty minutes. Repeat the combing procedure at regular intervals throughout this time.

Rinse from the hair using warm water. Lightly shampoo wto remove the oil’s residue from the hair and scalp.

Repeat the above procedure after approximately one week to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Note: to use this treatment on sensitive skin, mix 50% Lice Bomb botanical complex with 50% vegetable oil (eg. olive oil, peanut oil, grape seed oil, etc). Apply a small drop of the new vegetable oil blend to the scalp and evaluate the skin sensitivity level. Repeat the patch test procedure described in the ‘Usage Guidelines’ section of this guide, and continue to dilute oils as described if sensitivity persists.

Avoid eye contact. If contact does occur, flush eyes with cool water until irritation subsides. If irritation occurs after following the sensitive skin remedies described above, discontinue use.

Do not use on children under two years old without medical advice. Pregnant mothers should always seek medical advice before using head lice treatments. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED.


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